What We Do

A few years back a spirited -then 7 year old- boy named Jason decided to draw me as a super hero.(Who was I to stop him from that!) He had me holding up the world with one finger and named me The Grammanator. 

Sparks In Action is about revealing the super hero in the people you pass on the sidewalks  and stand next to in grocery lines every day. We are all shining light on each other; we all have a spark of creation within us. Whether you think of your inner spark as the elements and echoes of matter from the Big Bang that created this wondrous planet, or you think if it as a divine spark, you are a spark in action.  Whatever you call it, whatever ideas about creation resonate, you and your life, play an integral role in the interdependent fabric that is this life.

Speaking of The Big Bang...

If  you want to watch and hear a  rich and informative conversation that includes an physics/astronomy professor and a science loving rabbi, go to the video page here and spend 14 minutes (c'mom, you DO have 14 minutes) and watch the "Stellar Wonder" video. Stellar wonder is my response to the bifurcation of science and sprit that happens when people make assumptions about each others creation beliefs. I happen to be a science loving mystic who embraces both the rigors of science and that which is mysterious and ineffable.

When I started the SIA project in 2018 I thought I would feature people in videos so I made a few videos but then life got busy and I put the project on hold. A few weeks ago I decided that a podcast was the right form for the Sparks In Action project.  

I'm delighted to bring you the Sparks In Action Podcast. Links to listening platforms such as Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Google Play, Pocket Casts and Radio Public are on the SIA podcast page here on this site.

You have powers and your powers are a spark that adds to our collective well-being.If you wish to share your powers with me or if you know someone who you think would make an interesting guest on my podcast please contact me.

This site is no longer active. For information or to reach me visit https://donnalsherman.com

You can find all podcast episodes there as well.