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ANOTHER (GOOD NEWS) UPDATE! November, 15, 2019

I happened to go to my SIA Your Tube channel after not visiting it for quite some time and...there it was, Stellar Wonder was back up and working! I have no idea how this happened because, as I said when it was taken of You Tube, there was no recourse for me to fight for myself, my art and the bogus "copyright" question. Whatever happened will remain a mystery; what matters now is that this video  is essentially my response to the divisive attitude many take by either dismissing mystery and, on the other side, refuting the truths of science. Mystery and a rigorous questioning mind can coexist. Contradictory impulses can coexist. Facts can coexist with mysteries and spiritual practices and, in my view, being a science loving mystic allows me to embrace the (as I say in my poem at the end of the video) "whole messy armload of matter mutating.....from void to form....."

Watch the video.

 Feel what YOU feel.

 Think what YOU think.

Mostly, I hope it inspires you to see that indeed we are all made of the same "star stuff' and we live in a world that might always haunt us by not revealing all of herself so we have no choice but to live with wonder. Sweet Stellar wonder.

Again, heartfelt gratitude to:

Sam Jacobs for his devoted and excellent video editing.

Rabbi Bill Strongin for speaking so eloquently to the marriage of science and religion. 

Raj Pandya for speaking so eloquently to aspects of cosmology, physics and astronomy.

Carl Sagan for the opening quote that says it all.

This gorgeous, wild, strange and magificent Earth and cosmos we get to live, wonder and love in.


This update is not longer relevant but I am keeping it here on the site as a reminder of the evolution of this project.

  A company (based outside of the USA in North Africa ) took Stellar Wonder off You Tube claiming a copyright issue. They were non-specific, vague and offered no way of directly reaching them to dispute.  The music used in "Stellar Wonder" is by Don Conoscenti. Don and I are old, dear friends and he gave me 100 % permission to use his music and is, in fact, delighted to have it used in the Sparks In Action project. I'm suspicious about this vague claim with no means of follow up. Very strange.

That said, do watch "Women Who Walk The Talk" and "Take Me To The River".

Stellar Wonder, a deeper dive into the blending boundaries between science and spirit will re-emerge.

 And stay tuned.  SIA will return with more uplifting content.

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