Here I am again reminding you that the SIA project is- as of April 2021- is now a podcast. Links to various platform where you can listen to the podcast are on the SIA Podcast page here on this site. Easy.

A little about the videos:

Stellar Wonder questions the bifurcation of spirit and science. You will hear from  an astronomer and the Director of the Planetarium at SUNY New Paltz and a science loving Rabbi. It's 14 minutes and full of fascinating science, compelling images and questions.

Gratitude to:

Sam Jacobs for his devoted and video editing.

Rabbi Bill Strongin for speaking so eloquently to the marriage of science and religion. 

Raj Pandya for speaking so eloquently to aspects of cosmology, physics and astronomy.

Don Conoscenti for his gorgeous music and his permission to use it in SIA videos.

Carl Sagan for the opening quote that says it all.

This gorgeous, wild, strange and magificent Earth and cosmos we get to live, wonder and love in

Women Who Walk the Talk (3 minutes) feature two unassuming women who take it upon themselves to walk and clean up their neighborhoods. Karen lives in a beach and Laura lives in upstate NY.

Take Me to The River (3 minutes) features Eli, Seth and Aleythea. Eli directs the Tideline Education Program with Clearwater, Seth works for Scenic Hudson and Aleythea was the captain of the Sloop Clearwater. All three work to maintain the beauty and vitality of the Hudson River and the Hudson River Valle

Scroll down and watch: