• Donna Sherman

"WHY are you doing this?"

We humans are a wounded tribe; however deep in our wounded selves we birth stronger selves, expansive selves, selves who serve. We birth the gifts we bring to our world and as far as I'm concerned, that's reason to celebrate humanity and the wonder-filled planet we inhabit.

But humans are not the only healers. All of nature can heal. From mesa to monarch it's a virtual pharmacopeia of healing potential we live in and among.

Science tells us that all matter on earth is made of the same starry ingredients. Science and spirit tell us that our personalities and bodies belie a basic truth; that we are inexplicably small and, simultaneously part of something inconceivably vast. Paradox reigns supreme.

So, WHY create Sparks In Action?

SIA is a campfire we can gather around to warm ourselves, and each other, with reminders of human generosity, natural wonder, science and positive impacts. My intention is that this fire of inspiration helps melt our collective cynicism and excuses for inaction.

Subscribe to SIA. Be ignited and lifted. If you have a suggestion for a person(s) we should feature contact me. Celebrate this sacred life that runs through all of us and every living thing. ~~~ Donna ~~~

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