Donna Sherman

Creator of  Sparks In Action (SIA)

Donna spent many years working in the health field as a licensed clinical social worker (MSW, LCSW), psychotherapist  health educator, yoga instructor and teacher of Mindfulness-Based Interventions. In 2016 she created the widely used guided relaxation recording titled:

Yoga Nidra: Total Relaxation Practices for Adults and Teens.

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In addition to her mental health related work she works as a part-time educator with the Clearwater Tideline Discovery Education Program along the banks of the Hudson River Estuary.

Samuel Y. Jacobs

 Video Editing

I’ve had a relentless desire to contribute to others’ lives since I can remember. At an early age I directed my passion into gymnastics and competed from the age of seven through high school.  After competing I trained other young athletes.


 As a young adult I began creating and editing videos which led me to fall in love with music production. I built my own computer to support my work in music and digital editing and attended classes at Full Sail University to deepen my skills  in Pro tools Ableton, FL Studio, Adobe Premier, After Effects, and Photoshop. 


I  work with singers, rappers, songwriters, instrumentalists, cinematic visionaries, businesses and artists of all kinds.  I enjoy  collaborating with  artists and aim to propel the talented people I work with towards their highest vision.~ Sam

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